How to order custom-made product?

Here we’ll try to help you how to order custom-made size and to take your measurements. IMPORTANT! Use metric system.

If you need help, fell free to message us!

Firstly – if you need a non-standard size you have to order wanted base product AND “Custom-made size” product. “Custom-made size” is a special product in our shop required to purchase when ordering made-to-measure or non-standard size product. “Custom-made size” is an extra amount for tailor-made clothing.

Next you have to take your measurements. It would help if you had assistance from a friend or (better option – experienced tailor) when measuring. Best thing is to wear good-fitting shirt and trousers. The tape should be held snug, but not too closely – the measurements you take will be internal dimensions for your clothes and you need to feel comfortably wearing them! You can find more detailed instruction how to take measurements here.

We ask you for your measurements in your Shopping Cart and Order Form.